One of our main focus areas is to provide business and technical education programs to our membership. 

In the past, our business education seminars have addressed subjects such as entrepreneurial activities and startup funding. We are planning to offer career development seminars with particular focus audiences (students, young professionals, mid-career changes, etc.).

Technical education seminars have covered topics such as security of information in your printer, DevOps practices, and persistent memory technologies.

One new educational project that is working its way through the concept stage is a speed-learning session. In one of these styled events, several presenters will blast through time-limited, intensely short presentations on a series of related topics or on a medley of various topics. 

If you have passion around a particular area and would like to present an overview about a subject or present a detailed deep dive into your technical specialty we would love to hear about it and work it into our schedule of educational activities.

We recently started our technical blog, which is available to our paid membership base only through the members-only portal.

We also plan to offer a periodic newsletter and are actively seeking a volunteer to lead this effort and/or to be a contributor.

If any of these activities interest you please let us know by clicking here.