Our Education events are ever evolving, based on the needs of our members and the needs of our community. We try and offer a broad range of topics in and around technology for levels that speak to students and well as our working professional and beyond. Our existing format is typically a Lunch & Learn, where lunch is provided by one of our corporate sponsors.

We feel like this segment of what we do is one of our top priorities, so we are always looking to deliver what our members feel like is needed most, as well as create unique & meaningful educational opportunities that benefit the community as a whole, especially for segments of our community that may not always have the opportunity to be exposed to or participate in technology.

An example of this,  is a new project we are working on for Tech Summer Camps for kids. We feel like this is our best opportunity to truly make a difference in the lives of individuals, that will lift our entire community and create a pipeline of fantastic employees for our corporations, now and into the future.


ITGC Lunch & Learn: Internet Made Simple

If you are looking to get more familiar with the Internet and its Security Risks, attend our upcoming Lunch and Learn.  IT Gulf Coast has partnered with United Way to bring what we hope will be the first of many IT Gulf Coast Lunch & Learns that will help the people of our community with some of the basics of  technology in and around smart phones & social media, with an emphasis on how to stay safe.

This is an instructor led class focused on helping familiarize people with the Internet. Attendance is both in-person and virtual.  Everyone attending in person must wear a mask and In Person attendance is limited to the first 15 attendees who register.  Lunch will be provided to those who attend in person.

For those attending virtually, a Zoom link will be emailed with the Registration details. 

Topics will include:
                Help with online forms
                Connecting with family and friends through social media sites and apps
                General tips/tricks to help you stay safe from viruses while browsing
                Identifying scam e-mails/texts and some of the online scams that are going around


TECH TALK: High Tech Internet - Session 1

Please join us for our new High Tech Internet series.  More details and location to follow.


TECH TALK: ITGC November 2022

MediaComm Business will be sponsoring the November 2022.  More details and location to follow.