Get Involved

We are looking for individuals who are willing to get involved in furthering our mission of bringing social, networking, and educational Information Technology activities to our community. Whatever your skill set and level of expertise, if you are interested, we have opportunities that will provide you with camaraderie, sense of purpose, and the reward of making a difference!

Marketing Committee: Create marketing materials to reach and engage with interested individuals and organizations in our community to build our  presense and meet their needs for an IT association.

Website Committee: Use and develop your skills in maintaining and enhancing our website and its offerings to our members.

Membership Committee: Imagine creative activities to reach out to new members in middle, high and post secondary educational institutes; Reach professionals just starting their careers or seasoned veterans with many jobs and years of experience behind them. 

Sponsorship Committee: Engage with local businesses which provide or use IT services to explain the benefits of supporting our activities and encourage their involvement..

Educational Committee: Design programs to develop educational material. Be involved producing the newsletter, the blog, seminars, webinars, etc.

Social and Networking Committee:  Uncover interesting venues and organize events to provide social and networking opportunities to our membership base. Work with Marketing, Membership, and Sponsorship to extend invitations to prospective new members so they will attend events and learn more about ITGulfCoast.

If you have passion around a particular area and would like to present an overview about a subject or present a detailed deep dive into your technical specialty we would love to hear about it and work it into our schedule of educational activities.

Our board is comprised of nine members. Annually, some board members two-year terms expire and elections for open positions are held. After being elected to two consecutive terms, board members must step down. Then we turn them into advisors. That means that each year we are looking for  new members to join our leadership team. The constantly evolving board keeps a stream of new perspectives and expertise flowing into our organization.

For more information on how you can get involved send us an email to: