Membership Renewal

If you are a current IT Gulf Coast member (or once were) and you would like to renew your membership, you have come to the correct page. We are experiencing difficulties with the automated renewal mechanism. Read on for plan B:

We would like you to send us your contact information and indicate in the Comments field that you would like to renew your membership. Please use this link when you are ready to do so: Contact us to Renew your MembershipWe will process your request and email an invoice to you. Once you pay the invoice you will be provided with a welcome email containing your new username and temporary password. The temporary credentials will only be valid for three days (after which you will need to contact us again to have new credentials sent to you), so please follow the instructions in the welcome email within the three days to login.

Once you have successfully logged in as a member, please change your password.

When you change your password you will be given the opportunity to change your username. However, there is a caveat: the username you select must be unique within the global namespace of the MemberLeap member management software's universe (the software that manages our ITGulfCoast's website). If the username is already in use by someone in another organization that uses the MemberLeap system you will need to select a different username.

Note: If you use the membership page and try to create a new membership, you will probably be prevented because your email is already in use within the database. However, if your email has changed, then you will in fact be allowed to create a new membership. We will have you in the system twice; its ok, eventually we will detect the duplication and merge the two of you into one. It is like psychotherapy for split personality disorder, only it takes less time and is far less costly.