We are excited to announce that we have fulfilled the requirements needed to establish and fund the IT Gulf Coast Undergraduate Research Endowment at the University of Western Florida(UWF). This five-year process required a series of contributions over a five year period. With our final payment in November of 2020, the establishment of the fund was completed. Now that we have established the fund, we look forward to being able to offer the first scholarship(s) for the Spring of 2022. 

The endowment provides for a streamlined mechanism of selecting Hal Marcus College of Science and Engineering qualified scholarship applicants. It frees IT Gulf Coast from the need to navigate the processes required to comply with applicable regulations. Instead, the UWF Division of University Advancement manages the application and selection process in an impartial and fairly determined manner. Additionally, by becoming a part of the Universities' endowment base, our investment receives professional financial management to ensure a continuing stream of scholarship funds in perpetuity.

IT Gulf Coast retains control over the number and dollar amount of scholarship(s) that are offered. As this is our first year with this opportunity, there is no precedent for how this determination is made. Should the board decide? The membership? Expect to hear more from us as the year progresses.

Are you a student interested in a scholarship? We will be providing information about how to apply for this scholarship program sometime this summer of 2021.

While the inaugural issuing of scholarships by the IT Gulf Coast Undergraduate Research Endowment will commence in 2022, those are not the first scholarships made possible by the contributions of our members and sponsors. Throughout its twenty-plus year history IT Gulf Coast has provided many scholarships. We are in the process (March 2021) of researching the details of our scholarship granting history, and will provide the details on this page as they become available.